Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Self Portrait as Dirty Jessie

So much has been said lately about my ironic pursuit of childhood and playfulness through photography, and I can only agree with that, of course. 

This self portrait, taken after Sally Mann's photograph of her daughter in a futile intent to become someone's baby again (futile because I'm a woman, not a baby; futile because I am the creator of the image, before being the model or the object), is a perfect example, I think, of this game I'm playing without any chance to win.

Anyhow, today I'm travelling to visit my parents in Mexico and try to be their baby again, so this post is also a goodbye for a few weeks.

Have fun, be naughty, bye bye...

Self Portrait as Dirty Jessie, Rinat Schadower, 2013

Dirty Jessie, by Sally Mann, 1985

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