Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Meet Selena

This sad little princess was given to me in Mexico City by my childhood friend Daniela, who got it in her turn as a present for her newborn daughter. It's quite alarming and extremely ridiculous that even today, in the 21th century, people still think it's a good idea to give a baby girl a doll that is unhugabble and includes manicure, realistic breasts with nipples, high heels, earrings, makeup and a dress that no human being could feel confortable in. I mean, was the baby supposed to play "mommy" with this femmuncula?! or was this inanimate and grotesque reproduction of a "woman" supposed to be her role model!? Anyhow, Daniela decided to get rid of the freak A.S.A.P and as soon as I got to Mexico, she gave it to me. Of course. 3 weeks afterwords, Selena made her way with me to her new home, Tel Aviv. Now she is my role model. And daughter.

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