Wednesday, January 7, 2015


These images were created a few months before I became the photographer of Israel's National Institute of Forensic Medicine. Unlike most types of photography, from journalistic to fashion to Instagram, forensic photography's sole aim is to document and reveal the truth, regardless of aesthetic, personal or political considerations. In forensics, there is no place for self expression nor for artistic creativity. The forensic photographer working in the morgue is like an extension of the doctor, and has to folllow her or his instructions with precision and atention, using the camera as a scientific, rather than an artistic tool.

I feel very lucky to be a forensic photographer. This kind of work has provided me with the oportunity to learn anatomy, medicine, criminology, anthropology, pathology, osteology... and has given me the rare chance to face directly, on a daily basis, the deepest fears of human kind. Somehow, the intensive contact with death has increased even more my love for life.

But of course, aestheticly, speaking, staged death can be marvelous. And it doesn't smell.

Rita and Jonathan, 2013

Jonathan and Rita, 2013

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