Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Purim special - Woman custome!

It's kind of strange that although one of my favorite activities in daily life is wearing customs and personas, Purim, the Jewish custom holiday, makes me feel helpless and confused. In fact, I almost never manage to find a new custom for this day and year after year, I find myself wearing the most exotic and challenging disguise of all: that is, the disguise of A Woman.

If you happen to be "a natural woman" as in the song of Aretha Franklin, this may sound kind of ridiculous to you, but as for me, I don't even believe you exist. "A woman is not born: she is made", said Simone de Beauvoir and as you can see in the following images, without the right gestures and accessories, you will be in the danger of passing as an unidentified creature and even worse: as your Self!

So my advice to you, dear sisters, for Purim (and for life), is: whether you choose to be a clown, a policewoman, a super-heroine or an Oreo Cookie: Show some skin! Keep it sexy! Don't make them forget what you are!

Happy Purim, you naughty girls you... 

Nobody's Coming 5, C-print, 80*60 cm, 2013

Nobody's Coming 5-aC-print, 80*60 cm, 2013

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  1. תמונות יפות מאוד רינת אהבתי.